Gramma Mora's Mexican Muchie Pack

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In 1980, one of Buffalo's first Mexican restaurants, Gramma Mora's, opened on Niagara Street near Hertel Avenue.

In 1994, Gramma Mora’s launched their own line of frozen premium gourmet burritos and we're happy to finally bring them across the world!

The burritos are handmade with all the freshest homemade ingredients including the most tender part of the chicken, whole pinto beans, and homemade chorizo sausage. Each burrito is individually wrapped in microwave-safe plastic with nutritional and ingredient information on the back of the packaging. This pack includes: 

-12 Individual Burritos, you can pick up to two types below!

-1/2 Pint Homemade Salsa

-1/2 Pint Homemade Cheese Queso

-1/2 Pint Homemade Beans

-8oz Homemade Tortilla Chips

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