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NEW YORK-OPOLY New York, New York, the city so incredible it had to be named two times. It’s the largest city in America, where skyscrapers pierce the sky and taxis provide a constant symphony for throngs of people of all races, religions, and social strata. New York is the world’s hub for business, communications, finance, fashion, sports, and the arts. It’s the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. NEW YORK-OPOLY was created with the help of New York natives. We asked New Yorkers “What makes this place so great?” While it’s impossible to include everything in this great city, NEW YORK-OPOLY hits the highlights. The game is full of the Big Apple, Yo!Yo!Yo!’s, carriage rides through Central Park…and if you think this game could be boring – FOGETTABOUDIT! This game is about New York City, the most exciting city in the world! Are you looking for a fun way to experience New York? Here it is! NEW YORK-OPOLY! Pewter tokens include: Empire State Building, Big Apple, Prometheus (Rockefeller Center), Pretzel, Statue of Liberty